Courses and training

We offer a wide range of courses and training varying from our CNE6 courses, CSE6 courses and our CNP6.


All the training courses are delivered via instructor-led approach with hands-on lab.
As these are certification programs, candidates are required to pass both the written and hands-on evaluation to qualify for the certificate.

Instructor-Led Training

Set in an interactive classroom environment, the instructor will introduce concepts and guide students with detailed explanations and interesting examples to meet the student expectations and requirements and at the same time keep the students engaged.

Hands-on Lab:

Step-by-step hands-on labs with detail instructions and guide are provided to reinforce all key concepts. It allows the student to reinforce concepts by performing the tasks they have just learned.

Certification TrackSilver LevelGold LevelTrainer
IPv6 EngineeringCertified Network Engineer For IPv6 (CNE6) SilverCertified Network Engineer For IPv6 (CNE6) GoldCertified Network Engineer For IPv6 (CNE6) TrainerIPv6 Forum Certified Trainer Gold
IPv6 SecurityCertified Security Engineer for IPv6(CSE6) SilverCertified Security Engineer for IPv6 (CSE6) GoldCertified Security Engineer for IPv6 (CSE6) Trainer
IPv6 ProgrammingN/ACertified Network Programmer for IPv6 (CNP6) GoldCertified Network Programmer for IPv6 (CNP6) Trainer
IPv6 System AdministrationCertified System Administrator for IPv6 (CSA6) SilverCertified System Administrator for IPv6 (CSA6) GoldCertified System Administrator for IPv6 (CSA6) Trainer

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