Certified Security Engineer for IPv6(CSE6) Silver


The CSE6 Silver training program is designed to provide fundamental information on the implementation of security parameters in the transition from IPv4 to IPv6 and expose the participants on the security issues in the deployment of IPv6 in the organization network. This course would provide fundamental understanding about security issue revolving around IPv6 and will be one of the pre-requisite for Certified Security Engineer for IPv6 (CSE6) Gold.

Who should attend?

This course is ideal for

– Security enthusiast
– Decision makers for IT Security spending
-Network/Security Architect
-IT administrator
-Network/IT support technicians

What Will You Learn?

  • Revisit IPv6
  • IPv6 Security issues
  • IPv6 Security features
  • IPv6 attacks


  • A good knowledge of general network security concepts
  • Knowledge in IPv4 security


4 days

Training Approach:

  • This class covers both theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • The practical classes are conducted in a laboratory environment.
  • The participants will have hands on experience using the actual equipment. 
  • Quiz will have conducted during the class to test the knowledge of participants about a particular sub topic
  • Professional examination both theoretical and practical will conducted to test the participant’s knowledge towards end of the class
  • All the participants that passed the examination will be awarded certificate that endorsed by Global IPv6 Forum and WIDE Japan

Course Content:

 The following is the outline of the course:

IPv6 Revisited

  • Introduction to IPv6
  • Packet Structure and Header Format
  • IPv6 Addressing Architecture
  • Understanding ICMPv6 & Neighbour Discovery

IPv6 Security Issues

  • Security Advantages of IPv6 Over IPv4
  • IPv6 Security – Areas of Concern
  • IPv6 Security – Similarities to IPv4 Security
  • IPv6 Security – Differences from IPv4 Security
  • Threats Countered by SEND

IPv6 Security Features

  • General Security Concepts
  • Encryption – Secret Key Cryptography
  • IPSec
  • Secure Neighbour Discovery (SeND)
  • Cryptographically Generated Addresses (CGA)
  • Unique Local Address

IPv6 Attacks and tools kit

  • IPv6 Attacks
  • Man in Middle Attacks
  • Known ICMPv4 Attacks
  • Unique ICMPv4 Attacks
  • Unique ICMPv6 Attacks
  • IPv6 Hacking Tools

Hands-on Lab

  • Preparing for the hands-on lab
  • Initial Setup
  • Server installation
  • Server Configuration
  • Connecting Kali server to GNS3
  • Demonstration of several IPv6 attacks

Disclaimer: Course contents are subject to changes without prior notice.