Certified Network Programmer for IPv6(CNP6)


This course is an advanced training course for those who need deeper understanding of IPv6 network programming and testing. The course covers topics such as socket API, IPv4 vs. IPv6 prgramming in C/C++ and Visual C#.NET. This course focuses on the differences in IPv6 programming from traditional network programming and assumes prior knowledge in basic network programming. Upon completion of this course, each participant will receive the “CNP6 Certified Network Programmer” certificate.

Training Approach:

For any kind of training to have a lasting and measurable impact, the course conents have been designed and delivered in the context of the client’s specific environment and business need. NLTVC has customized the content with leading edge and time-honored training approaches that includes instructor-led, mentor learning hands-on approach, to meet the specific learning style of the individual and the complex learning objectives of organizations.

Who Should Attend?

This course is designed for software and/or computer engineers (designers/developers, testers etc.) and programmers who develop and test IP-applications and require deeper knowledge on how to build IPv6 solutions/applications as well as porting existing IPv4 applications to support IPv6.

Disclaimer: Course contents are subject to changes without prior notice.